The White Book S7E14- 238

Will, Aaron, Tommy, and guest Luke review The King’s Peace. Also, we apologize for the sound quality this week. There was some background noise that couldn’t quite be eliminated. Music: Spinozar Discord Chat Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: … Read more

Re: The Current Controversy and Inclusiveness in Our Community

Hi, I’m Aaron Glazer. You probably know me from the fact that I do not shut up anywhere, and on this one occasion, I feel this trait is serving a considerably less vapid purpose than arguing with people about cards. … Read more

The House of Black and White: Introduction and Kneel

In this article series, Kenno addresses some of the crafting and design aspects of A Game of Thrones: Second Edition by examining the relationship between current cards and 1.0 counterparts as well as by projecting how certain 1.0 cards and … Read more

From the Shadows: Crowd Control

This week I will be taking a look at a subject that is close to my heart: character control. Character control is so important in A Game of Thrones because if you can prevent your opponent’s characters from making challenges … Read more

The White Harbor Times: Champ Cards

by Lauren Fitch Champ Cards: What’s To Come? Welcome to this week’s installment of The White Harbor Times! In this article, I’ll be discussing champ cards – hat have we seen so far, and what could possibly be to come. If … Read more

The Deck Doctor w/ Sunny

In this week’s Deck Doctor I will be building a Baratheon Banner of the Sun deck with Sunny, who took the deck to a Store Championship this weekend (Feb. 20) where he finished 2-1-1 and missed the cut in 5th place. Damn those ties!

Read moreThe Deck Doctor w/ Sunny