From the Shadows: The Importance of Plot Choice

The Importance of Plot Choice “Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens” -Tywin Lannister These seven cards may be the most important seven cards you choose to include in your deck, yet I still … Read more

The White Harbor Times: Tactics, Part 1 (Setup & Plot Phase)

A lot of the discussion lately around A Game of Thrones Second Edition has focused on deck-building. It’s an important component of play and certainly where you should start, but great players get that way by focusing on tactics: what … Read more

To Build Your Meta You’re Going to Have to Take Things Slow

Reaching out to stores in order to find a place to play or host tournaments is a lot like online dating. When we (in New York City) began to prepare for the relaunch of A Game of Thrones, the part that … Read more