Site Errors

Hey all, sorry for the partially inoperable site for the last couple weeks. It’s been brought to my attention that parts of the site were not functioning correctly or allowing people to log in, so bear with me as I disable and enable portions of the site to try to pinpoint the conflict. In the meantime, I think overall logins should be working at the moment so that people can comment, post on forums, and such. Let me know at if you have any issues.

Also, valuable lesson learned to check how the site looks to the outside world every week or so to try to catch these sorts of things quicker.

About the Author
Will is a longtime fan of sci-fi and fantasy who first discovered the AGOT CCG in the fall of 2002, shortly after reading the first three novels that summer. He was instantly hooked and playing the game has been his competitive outlet every since. He cofounded 2 Champs and a Chump (now The White Book) in 2010 and since took over the show completely. His favorite faction is House Lannister and at heart he's a Shagga player in joust and a Queen of Thorns in melee.