Plot Rehab: The King’s Peace

You know the feeling. You're building a new deck, excited to try out some new ideas, and you've built your cool new plot deck... except you've forgotten that one plot

The Gauntlet – Introductions

Chris: Greetings and welcome to The Gauntlet, a new deck-challenge series on The White Book.  Every month we, your gentle, genial gauntleteers Chris and Patrick, will be doing everything one


White Book Podcast

The White Book S8E25 – 295

This week Will, Roy, and Alex tackle deckbuilding for new players: second edition. Music by Spinozar   Buying Order Guide: Lions of the Rock Wolves of the North Watchers on the Wall Calm Over Westeros Guarding the Realm The


European Championship Round 8

European Championship Round 8

Two interesting decks with a combo-tastic finish! Martell Rains vs. Lanni Rains is our 8th round recording at Euros - will Vince ever get his Rains off?

Jank Tank Ep.  5

Jank Tank Ep. 5

And just like that we're back with EPISODE 5! Buz and I go head-to-head with our Regional decks from this year. We also chat a bit about how we prepared